New England Solar Farm moves forward with Northern and Central Array

As a result of our ongoing discussions with our local neighbours, landowners and other stakeholders, we have now decided to remove the southern section from our application to the NSW Government for the New England Solar Farm.

The southern section is the smallest of the three arrays in our proposal and so the solar farm can still produce enough clean renewable electricity to power 250,000 homes from our Northern and Central arrays.

Solar PV technology is continuing to improve. The panels that we are likely to use for the project now have a higher watt rating and with greater use of the remaining areas within the project’s development footprint we are still targeting a generating capacity of around 700 MW.

We submitted our Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Development Application (DA) for the solar farm development to the NSW Government earlier this year, proposing a 720 megawatt (MW) solar farm across three solar fields about six kilometres east of Uralla.

We are now preparing our response to submissions report, following an exhibition period for public submissions. We are continuing with our plans to develop the Northern and Central arrays under the current EIS and DA and we hope to begin site works by the end of the year.

However, we intend on being a long term investor and a good neighbour and we recognise that there are still some concerns from a small number of neighbouring land owners near the Southern Array.

“The solar farm can still produce enough clean, renewable electricity to power 250,000 homes from our Northern and Central arrays.”

We will continue to discuss and refine our plans for the southern array and we hope to submit a separate proposal for this section in the future.

To help, we have installed a weather monitoring station on the southern site to provide some valuable insights and data about conditions in this part of the region.

We have informed Uralla Shire Council, local landowners for the southern section and their neighbours about our decision.

The New England Soar Farm will still make a major contribution to the local economy, helping to generate up to 700 jobs and inject millions of dollars into the local and regional economy.

It will also help provide a more secure and reliable energy supply for NSW and help our country meet its international climate change obligations.

We look forward to moving forward on the current development application for the Northern and Central arrays in the meantime.

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